artwork by Mike Field

artwork by Mike Field


bill stewart

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For over four decades Bill Stewart has been creating one of a kind custom surfboards. An early backer of the longboard resurrection, Bill is the inventor of the 2+1 fin configuration and Hydro Hull beveled rail, as well as co-inventor of the Future Fins System box.

Born in 1951 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Stewart grew up in Hollywood, Florida where he began surfing in 1963. He quickly realized that he could combine his passion for surfing with his artistic talents and started shaping boards in 1967.

In search of better waves, Bill moved to Southern California in 1971 and started working for Hobie, Rick James and South Shore. After gaining some much-needed knowledge and experience behind a planer, Bill opened Stewart Surfboards in Laguna Beach in 1978.

Bill was the second person to ever airbrush on a surfboard and was voted Best Airbrusher by Surfer Magazine in 1980.

In 1984, Stewart developed the Hydro Hull, a double concave design he used on longboards and shortboards. The same year he invented the 2+1 tri-fin configuration, the standard in performance longboards.

In 1994, Office Depot featured Bill and Stewart Surfboards in a national TV ad, with shots of Stewart surfing at San Onofre, which aired during 60 Minutes, the NFL playoffs and after the Super Bowl.

Late in 2008, Stewart developed the S-Winger, a 5 fin double wing pin shortboard. After the immediate success of the S-Winger, the LSW Longboard S-Winger was developed and has become the most anticipated board that Stewart has released to date.

No doubt Bill is cooking up some more great ideas right now. Stay tuned for the latest inventions and innovations.

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